New Year Birthday Wishes

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Mom is celebrating a birthday today. Though here I am in the Yukon, it feels good to know that she is relaxing on a sunny southern beach with family.  So, I want to…

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What's In A Name?

 I think it has taken me this long to get to recording a CD because of my namesake. 
I was not named after the famous country singer, not ‘the Brenda Lee, but rather in honour of my parents…Read more

Rest Now, Go Further

Rest now, go further... wise advice from my Uncle Steve .... who I am thinking of tonight. Hi Steve.I remember telling Steve of my concert at JOTW and how it was a great success and how I was ready…

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A Father's Gift

This guitar, my 1976 Ramirez Concert Classical, was a gift from my father when I was studying guitar in my youth.  It has been the accompaniment for my voice all these years and my inspiration to pursue this uniquely… Read more