Capturing Silver-Tongued

Capturing, silver-tongued and melt in your mouth, Yukon’s Brenda Lee Katerenchuk is to jazz what smoke is to bourbon.  With the rare ability to reshape a song, we are transported from the ethereal sensitivity of a tender jazz ballad to the blazing edginess of blues or pop transformed.  Her pure vocal style and sustaining power tossed together with an unpredictable creativity – and a touch of whimsy - take your breath away on a jazz roller coaster.  All this, while delivering tasty and expressive guitar lines in an intoxicating blend.


The development of Brenda Lee Katerenchuk's unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.  Growing up listening to her drummer father’s big band perform or watching her mother give ball room dancing lessons filled Brenda Lee’s ears with musical spirit.  After only 5 years of studying guitar, by the age of 15 Brenda Lee was honoured with 3 Outstanding Performer awards and by age 17 was a silver medalist at the Royal Conservatory of Music in classical guitar.  She received a Bachelor of Music degree in classical guitar and was clearly inspired as she has been teaching guitar professionally since then at her studio in downtown Whitehorse.

 Leyenda Guitar

Adding vocals was natural for a girl who could belt out with thrilling expression. 


Brenda Lee will be the first to acknowledge that ‘all the skill in the world won’t mean a thing if you can’t make people feel something’.  With the debut release of ‘Five O’Clock Bells’she blazes into an imaginative journey that Up Here’s Barry Jenkins says ‘feels like a love affair with these songs’.  The cd twists through imaginative renditions of classics like ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Goodmorning Heartache’ with taffy pulling, stretchy phrasing and bewitching sensitivity.  She takes a left turn at some offbeat covers like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Walking Stick’ which bubble up to tickle and refresh the palette.


There are many who interpret jazz, but when it is done with such skill, passion and breadth of emotion be prepared to be moved.  She will be as intimate and as frolicsome as a heart will go.  There is no doubt that Brenda Lee Katerenchuk is a force to watch out for.

Original, inspiring
interpretations of familiar,
jazz standards
guaranteed to delight and satisfy
the most savvy listener.


"Brenda Lee has a rich voice and an extraordinary passion that communicates the message of jazz music in an unforgettable way."  - Steve Gedrose, Jazz Yukon

“Fans have been waiting a lonnnnng time for this one” says Sandy Coleman - CBC A New Day 


“Yukon musician Brenda Lee is finally giving the people what they want, her own cd.” - CBC Air Play

"Brenda Lee takes on the classics in Five O'Clock Bells" Barry 'Jack' Jenkins - What's Up Yukon


Brenda Lee 'Five O'Clock Bells' -  CD Available Now!