My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy this track from my recent CD, Brenda Lee Five O'Clock Bells, written by the great songwriters Rodgers & Hart.
A special Valentine free download ! Listen now.

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    My Funny Valentine

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My Funny Valentine - a song for you - Listen Now! Free Download :) Happy Valentine's Day  


Today I am sending this song out to all those fans of love songs.   'My Funny Valentine'  - wonderful songwriting by the great Rodgers & Hart songwriting team.  

I really love the connection I had with my accompanist, Yukon musician, Andrea McColeman on this recording. What a beautiful piano performance.  I am lucky to have Andrea perform with me on my recent CD release, Brenda Lee - Five O'Clock Bells.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!  
February 14th, 2013

Get your copy of the CD or download from my website and CD Baby

New Year Birthday Wishes 

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Mom is celebrating a birthday today. Though here I am in the Yukon, it feels good to know that she is relaxing on a sunny southern beach with family.  So, I want to dedicate this first post of 2013 to you Mom, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. 

I can remember so vividly practicing my guitar pieces as a young young girl and serenading my Mom while she cooked dinner. Music really does enhance the taste of food while it is being prepared I’ve learned.  Sometimes she would sing along while I practiced...”deep in my heart there’s a feeling of love...”   And with those same sentiments, I am sending this impromptu  recording of ‘Romanza’, a classical guitar favourite, played by me for you Mom. Here’s to you with heartfelt wishes for a wonderful Happy New Year, 2013, Birthday celebration. much love Brenda Lee

What's In A Name? 

 I think it has taken me this long to get to recording a CD because of my namesake. 
I was not named after the famous country singer, not ‘the Brenda Lee, but rather in honour of my parents best friends at the time, the Lee’s. 
I saw Brenda Lee perform once.  It was an interesting concert.  One long song with the first two lines from all her hits. Nevertheless, Brenda Lee  has always been my stage name as well as my given name. I’m not sorry  ;)


Rest Now, Go Further 

Rest now, go further... wise advice from my Uncle Steve .... who I am thinking of tonight. Hi Steve.I remember telling Steve of my concert at JOTW and how it was a great success and how I was ready for a break...his words to me ...'rest now, go further'.   Wise word from someone who really knows what it means.

As the Guiness Book of World Records holder for longest organ playing, he definitely knows what it means.  

I am grateful for having my Uncle Steve give me such wonderful advice throughout the years.   Great advice such as,'when you need to warm up your voice and are short of time, put a towel in your mouth and sing'.  It actually works.  It is so easy sometimes to keep it all inside, when what we really need to do is just let it go.   Singing feels like this for me.  On big let go of sound vibration.

‘Rest now go further’....great advice that helped me continue with my music making and finally record this CD. Thanks Steve.  

Happy Solstice!

December 21, 2012

A Father's Gift 

1972 Concert Classical Ramirez
This guitar, my 1976 Ramirez Concert Classical, was a gift from my father when I was studying guitar in my youth.  It has been the accompaniment for my voice all these years and my inspiration to pursue this uniquely satisfying instrument. The tone and overall sound is superb and I am delighted that Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording  could capture it so naturally on my 'Five O'Clock Bells' CD. It can be heard on most of the tracks.  
As a music educator and private guitar teacher for over 30 years now, I know how important and personal an instrument is for a musician, expecially this musician.  

Not Too Dark - Longest Night Ensemble

a collection of original songs by the Yukon group Longest Night Ensemble celebrating the Winter Solstice.

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