Rest Now, Go Further

Rest now, go further... wise advice from my Uncle Steve .... who I am thinking of tonight. Hi Steve.I remember telling Steve of my concert at JOTW and how it was a great success and how I was ready for a break...his words to me ...'rest now, go further'.   Wise word from someone who really knows what it means.

As the Guiness Book of World Records holder for longest organ playing, he definitely knows what it means.  

I am grateful for having my Uncle Steve give me such wonderful advice throughout the years.   Great advice such as,'when you need to warm up your voice and are short of time, put a towel in your mouth and sing'.  It actually works.  It is so easy sometimes to keep it all inside, when what we really need to do is just let it go.   Singing feels like this for me.  On big let go of sound vibration.

‘Rest now go further’....great advice that helped me continue with my music making and finally record this CD. Thanks Steve.  

Happy Solstice!

December 21, 2012